We are all veterans of the Ecosystem, with track records in either the Telco, IT or Media industry, who understand the astonishing potential of the rapidly converging mass-market Media, Internet and Mobile Telephony worlds.
Our Vision: to unleash the power of Mobile Multimedia by making it the fuel of the Ecosystem Our Mission: we embed content, advanced technology and innovative business models to enable the Ecosystem unlock the incommensurable value erupting when the billions dollar media industry meets the world.s billions of mobile subscribers. Our Values: devotion, innovation and integrity in its most pure form as basic ingredients to our commitment to service excellence.
Convergence of the mass-market Media, Internet and Mobile Telephony means opportunity - for all of us - across these industries. We simply need to address it.
We offer advanced, feature reach services and with a global coverage, not seen anywhere else in the Ecosystem. Our services, powered by advanced telco grade technology, have high quality and are robust and highly performing. We continuously and meticulously indentify trends in the market and drive our research to evaluate unexplored areas for Mobile Multimedia services to meet the Ecosystem.s future needs as it evolves. Our decisions are not technology driven but market and user focused. As a company focused on innovative services, we are a firm adept and promoter of open application shops, open platforms, mashing applications, complex and open services.